5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated

How do you keep your construction or trade business thriving? Your employees are at the core  of your business running like a well oiled machine, but how do you keep them motivated to always do their best? We understand that a motivated employee is a productive employee, which in turn, results in a profitable employee. The goal is to turn your employees into assets to your business and keeping them motivated is the best way to accomplish that very goal!

Here are 5 tips to keeping your employees motivated, productive, and engaged members of your team!

Always challenge and encourage your employees to be the best they can be.

Focus on setting high but reasonably achievable standards for your employees. You can encourage their potential by expressing your belief that they are capable of successfully achieving the goals set out in front of them.

Create an award system and provide incentives.

Your team works hard and there are many ways you can award employees who go above and beyond without breaking the bank. This can range from a small surprise bonus, awarding a few extra days off if possible, or even simply recognizing their achievements publicly (think “Employee Wall of Fame.”) Recognizing employees and providing incentives not only increases work productivity, but also encourages repeated success.

Keep in mind the talent that your employees have and provide opportunities for advancement prior to posting for higher positions externally.

Often times, there is a tremendous amount of talent within our teams that may go unrecognized. Pay attention to your crew and spot potential for growth in each member. Quite quickly, you will find that there is potential within your team already! This not only creates a sense of loyalty, but it also serves as motivation for other employees to develop their skills and to stay with the company which then results in a decrease in turnover.

Lead with passion.

Passion is contagious. When you display a strong sense of passion for your business, others willingly will follow your lead. Your ambition to work hard and keep on top of your business goals is one way to express passion, but also speaking about work in a positive manner can immediately set a healthy working environment. This can help to infuse pride and commitment to each individuals project and work.

Listen to what your employees are saying.

They may have a new idea or a different way of doing something that actually works quite well. Employees want to feel connected and engaged. When the dialogue for communication is open, you are creating potential for growth within yourself, your team, as well as your business. There are many ways to open the dialogue and increase engagement in the work environment. SiteMAX Systems offers a Dialogue Project Messaging Feature within the project and site management system which allows for direct communication in real time. To learn more, please contact us to show you how the feature works!

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