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5 Notable Infrastructure Projects in Canada

Canada has some exciting new infrastructure projects scheduled to be completed over the next couple years or so. These new developments are sure to have a major impact on some of Canada’s biggest cities and the country as a whole. If you haven’t heard of these latest projects, check out a few we’ve outlined below!

Eglinton Crossroad LRT

One of Canada’s most expensive infrastructure projects currently in progress, this new transit system will be ready for use in 2021.  This is sure to change the flow of traffic in one of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto. Valued at $9.1 billion, it’s expected to move 15,000 passengers/hour per direction.

Site C Clean Energy Project

This hydroelectric earth-fill dam was finally scheduled to be built in October of 2014 after many meetings with the public and aboriginal groups. Located near Fort St. John, British Columbia, this dam is due to be completed in about 8 years time (2024). Owned by BC Hydro and valued at $8. 775 billion.

Southwest Calgary Ring Road

This new highway in Calgary is scheduled to be opened to the public in the fall of 2022. With a project valuation of $5 billion, $4.4 of that is provincial and the other $582.9 million is federal.

Green Line LRT

This new transit system is said to double Calgary’s current one, with a total span of about 40km. Valued at $4.5 billion, this new line is scheduled to start in 2017 depending on the funding situation. The City of Calgary is hopeful that two thirds of the funding will be provided by different levels of government.

New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project

Connecting Montreal to Brossard, this bridge is going to have three corridors with a multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists. Estimated to be completed in 2019, this transportation project is valued at $4.239 billion.

There are 1000s of new infrastructure projects going on right now in Canada, but these few stood out to us due to the scale of the projects. The costs of these developments create a lot of controversy but the main intention is to create more liveable cities for all of us.

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