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Safety Tips for Roadside Construction Workers

The winter season is now upon us which means some changes to weather. The change of season also comes with an extra precaution to job site safety in the construction industry. Below, we have outlined a few safety tips for roadside construction workers to keep in mind throughout the short days and long nights ahead.

It is understood that every job site contains hazardous elements and poses risk for injury. Many types of construction zones possess dangers if precautions are not taken seriously. Each year, thousands of deaths and accidents are reported from job site hazards. Roadside construction is no different and there are many variables in play. Quite easily, many people put off going through safety manuals and training as it may not feel like an immediate priority. However, it is difficult to deny that the pros of keeping up to date with safety procedures far outweigh the outcome and risk of a preventable injury, or worse, a death.

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Let’s go through a few immediate tips for roadside construction workers which can also apply to vast job sites:

1) Equipment Safety

Equipment operation accounts for one of the largest reasons for injury on the job site. Getting on and off equipment safely and securely can be your biggest saviour. Roadside construction sometimes takes place when it is dark out and weather conditions may not always cooperate, therefore it is especially crucial to keep in mind these sub tips:

  • Clean Mud off of your boots prior to getting on machinery

  • Wear high grip gloves for support and to prevent slipping

  • Avoid carrying anything while getting on/off

  • Use a ladder or step stool if assistance is need. Practice caution beyond the quickest shortcut. In other words, never jump off your machine

2) Wear reflective, bright clothing

When working on the road, there are always drivers who may not be paying attention or driving at excessive speeds. It is always a good idea to take the extra step and make yourself be seen. Check out quality reflective gear and accessories for both men and women from Carhartt.

3) Keep an eye out for obstruction

It may not always be obvious, but knowing where obstruction is at all times can save you and your colleagues from major injury. Underground utilities, including electrical lines, water, sewer, gas, telecom, etc should be clearly marked and noted. If you notice that something is off, take every step possible to make corrections.

4) Stormy weather

Wet weather increases the chances and danger of live wires. Become cautious of exposed cranes and steel structures during lightening. We may not always think that the great outdoors could strike us, but being prepared and staying on top of safety plans is always well worth it.

Construction workers are some of the bravest and hardworking people out there, and we want to do our best to save the lives of our colleagues. Remember, you and your co-workers are greatly loved by so many. Let’s work together to assure each other’s safety. Know someone that can benefit from these tips? Share this post with them as a friendly reminder!

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