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4 Easy Ways SiteMax Can Help with Your On-Site Safety

Safety is now synonymous with on-site activity.

Research from the National Institute of Health suggests that injury rates in construction are 71% higher than the average across all other industries (NIH). In 2018, this translated into over 195,000 cases of injury on construction sites according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), where penalties on safety violations can cost between $13,000 and $136,000 (OSHA). In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that construction companies save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested in safety. That is a significant return on the investment of your process and your people.

Of course, a culture of safety is quite diverse. It requires instituting the correct on-site provisions and protocols. It requires an appropriate amount of awareness and training. And, it requires essential gear and equipment to get the job done safely. However, all of these variables are lost if not managed correctly.

“Safety is good for business. An effective safety and health program can save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested. It’s the right thing to do, and doing it right pays off in lower costs, increased productivity, and higher employee morale.”

OSHA, 2002. “Q’s & A’s for Small Business Employers.

Between 2014 and 2025, the Canadian Occupational Projection System estimates that the OHS profession will grow 40% in the construction industry alone (COPS); which helps to emphasize the rising interest in employee protection. Enter cloud technology and a global pandemic for good measure to heighten digital adoption into adaptation, and now we find ourselves in a new phase of safety that goes beyond paper checklists and reports.

SiteMax is the construction management platform devoted to improving on-site dynamics. On any device, crews can collaborate on tasks digitally, tracking time, capturing progress, submitting reports, documenting deficiencies and (you guessed it) managing safety.

But, for safety to happen, you need to live it. That’s why we’ve focused on making SiteMax the most accessible, user-friendly jobsite tool. And that’s why we’re giving you this list of four easy ways that SiteMax can improve your on-site safety:

1. Create daily checklists and fillable safety forms.

Perhaps the number one reason for taking up any construction management platform is the incentive of going paperless. But, just because you’re looking to ditch notepads and file folders doesn’t mean you need to part with fillable forms. SiteMax is pre-loaded with Flex Forms that you and your team can use for a number of different purposes. We’ve even set-up a library of templated safety forms for you to use on the fly. As a SiteMax user, we’ll build tailored hazard assessments, incident reports, toolbox talks and more to suit your specific safety needs.

2. Track employee or subcontractor certification.

It’s hard enough tracing and tracking the dynamics of who’s on a jobsite, let alone whether or not they have the certifications necessary to execute a scheduled task. But, with SiteMax, you’re able to keep a record of and cross-reference to the appropriate certifications of the people on your site. This isn’t limited to your employees either. SiteMax also allows you to keep track of subcontractor credentials as they arrive, right from the palm of your hand.

3. Upload an entire safety program for easy access.

SiteMax goes beyond just digitizing workflows and safety procedures. You can also host your entire health and safety program from one platform. Along with your safety forms, you can easily upload safety orientation materials and define access to all or specific groups. Users can also receive notifications when new or updated material is released, including important training documentation and video resources.

4. Understand what’s leading to greater risk.

Getting ahead of incidents before they even happen is the ideal scenario for any health and safety professional. To help you achieve preventative status, SiteMax gathers safety related data and generates insights to understand trends in performance and procedure. This degree of insight will help to inform your next decision and, through the power of exporting, you can easily generate reports in preparation for safety audits.

The complexity of a jobsite has many moving parts, but managing these dynamics doesn’t have to be made more difficult. SiteMax centralizes your safety efforts, and these four tips are just the start of your site optimization.

To understand what SiteMax can do for your workflow, schedule a free 15-minute demo with one of our platform experts.


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