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This is the modern version of the original SiteMax app

From the early beginnings before SiteMax was a company, this iPad app took its shape as an in-house technology at Wales McLelland Construction at premier Commercial Design Build General Contractor. Back then it just had a log, photos and weather. Today, this app is full of robust features that make managing the site level protocals of any construction company more efficient. Organized day-by-day, the app navigates to show you what has happened and when.

Available For Only iOS
Features Include
  • List of jobs
  • Check in from geolocation
  • List of jobs
  • Tag time on equipment
  • Current pay period total view
  • Current pay period time entries
  • Purchase orders
  • Budget reporting of material use
  • Managing tools
  • Safety reports
  • Managing files
  • Reporting on real-time LiveBudget
  • Weather Forecast
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Apps That Really Are Easy To Use
We have been in the app business for a long time! Our approach is usability first. Before we make any new module, we ensure that we have designed within the constraints of the perils of a job site. Even contrasts on graphics and buttons not too close together dramatically increase the ease of use to field workers use our apps as a tool of their job. We are ALWAYS working on improving our user experience, and eagerly encourage any feedback.


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