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    For the field worker who can report on progress

    Progress is the key differentiator of this app from its little brother. This not only allows the worker to check in to the job, but also to scan in tools and add the material usage for the day that has been specified in the budget action plan. The check out action prompts the worker to split up the total time into the budget action items to associate time with progress.

    Available For Both iOS and Android
    Features Include
    • List of jobs
    • Check in from geolocation
    • List of jobs
    • Tag time on equipment
    • Current pay period total view
    • Current pay period time entries
    • Move tools into a job
    • Enter in material usage
    • Distribute time on the job to different budget action items
    • Fill out standard or custom flexforms and flexapps
    Apps That Really Are Easy To Use
    We have been in the app business for a long time! Our approach is usability first. Before we make any new module, we ensure that we have designed within the constraints of the perils of a job site. Even contrasts on graphics and buttons not too close together dramatically increase the ease of use to field workers use our apps as a tool of their job. We are ALWAYS working on improving our user experience, and eagerly encourage any feedback.


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