live budget

Projection / Actual
Over / Under... Realtime!

Imagine KnowingYour Actual Daily!
What is LiveBudget, and what makes it so live? Budget items are represented as objects that are available to be reported on from the field. From a time card entry, the amount of materials installed, to the time equipment was used. You can even assign a sub contractor to report on progress. Live budget helps you plan your job with projections and provides the items in those projections to have actual inputs. These inputs can come from a myriad of SITEMAX apps and access points. You can organize your items in groups or phases. All items have a note, a start/end date and time, and can be assigned to field users and subs. We can also enable budget items to hook into any of our flexform processes.
Here is a list of benefits:
  • Create a solid plan before your job starts
  • Attribute costs to each action item
  • Each item can have labor time, equipment time, material costs, and other costs
  • Add users to each separate item with labor time specified
  • Organize in phases by grouping
  • Items have detailed start/end date and times and cost codes
  • Track your progress daily from field inputs
  • Calculates under/over on-the-fly
  • Input come from simple field processes
  • Pull material items from your materials inventory
  • See totals of all columns
This is truly a simple way to track your jobs in the perspective of Progress VS Profitability.


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