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Imagine being able to take your current paper process and have it transformed into a mobile experience with popups, calculations, signature panels, images and virtually any feature your company requires. Flex Forms can be implemented in two modules, Safety Reports and Daily Reports. Whether you are a GC requiring a concrete pour detail, or a sub-trade that requires a material count, Flex Forms will work for you.

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User Role Management

Managing your company’s users is simple and intuitive. Setting up and assigning different role types such as: field workers, office staff, clients and sub contractors has never been easier. 

24 Hour Weather Logging and Conditions

Each and every hour is given a forecast. Once that hour has passed it is checked and then reconciled to what really happened. Wind speed, humidity, temperature, and status are all recorded based on the project’s longitude and latitude.

Daily Progress & Activity View

Project information is presented in a consolidated view, allowing users to toggle on a per day basis, simply choose any past or present date from the calendar. This is especially useful for completed projects. 

Estimated Completion Clock

Project consciousness is key! The project due date is displayed with a countdown clock for multiple locations on the iOS app and the web application. This is generated by the difference between the start and end dates. You can also put projects to an “On Deck” or “Completed” status.

Tool Tracking and Management

Utilize the QR stickers to add an identity to your tools. Once the tools are in the system you will be able to move them from one job to another, create tool boxes and track their location.

Vendors and Contacts

Your relationships are everything in construction and SiteMax helps you provide a central place to have them all managed. Use the vendor tick box to add Subcontractors into Punchlist Issues, RFIs, and Purchase Orders. 

Time Cards and Geo Checkin/out

Tracking time can make or break a project. Employees time cards are a critical component of the construction process, SiteMax makes it simple. You are able to setup your pay periods and cost codes, enabling your staff to provide daily time details to the office. Do you have too many people in the field? Having 1 person do time at the end of each day isn’t always ideal.  With SiteMax this issue no longer exists. Workers can now individually check into a job site using their mobile devices via geo-location. The checkin/out time can be verified by a site admin at anytime.

Safety Centre with Manual and Flex Forms

The safety of your people is the most important element of your project. With our Safety Centre you can have any form or safety process converted to digital. In addition, you can upload a PDF of your safety manual so it is readily available on every project. Say goodbye to lugging around bulky binders!

Purchase Orders and Tracking

Gone are the days of multipart PO books and not knowing what your current financial liabilities are from the field. Issue a PO directly from site and track it from the office. Choose from purchases, metals, services and external labour.

Flex Form Site Reports

Have you ever dreamed of having an app that is customized to your company’s process? SiteMax has made this possible with Flex Form Site Reports. All you need to provide is your Excel, Word & PDF forms. Then our talented engineers will transform your process. On a per form basis, you can have as many or as few forms as you wish. Each form can have text inputs, drop-downs, buttons, prompts, file & photo uploads, multiple signatures, panels, formulas and intuitive sequence logic. This will make your process easy to complete with 100% continuity.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Files System

Thanks to SiteMax Bridge you can integrate your Dropbox or Google drive into SiteMax seamlessly. Use your desktop to create file folders and move them around. All these changes are seamlessly mirrored in SiteMax. Having your files all in one place gives you the power of freedom.

Project Team and Crews

Different projects require different teams. When a project is being created, it is simple to add crews and individuals. As soon as any field workers are added to a project they are instantly added to timecards.

Cost Code Management

Using cost codes to define the activities of your business is very helpful; however, they can be a pain to manage. On SiteMax cost codes can be organized into groups and separated for purchase orders and timecards. Using this feature stops users from having to scroll through reams of codes while capturing information.

Progress Photos

Each day has a drop progress photos area for the projects progress to be captured for clients, owners, PM’s and PC’s. These photos are also available in the cumulative repository for the project. They are complete with a time stamp and description.