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Why is SiteMax the Best Construction Software?

SiteMax has taken 40 years of commercial contracting experience and has leveraged that knowledge to develop its construction management system to be the best construction software. With a solid set of features that create efficiencies on the job site and in the office, SiteMax offers the most robust set of features for Field-to-Office operations. No matter if you are running a medium or large team in the field, SiteMax is the best construction software to use.


Let’s break these down:

Engineering & Design

Engineering: SiteMax is all new, using the latest, most solid architecture on the fastest most reliable servers. It shares the same cloud servers with massive brands like Apple, Dropbox and others. The software also utilizes a proprietary method of adding custom elements to a clients install thanks to its “Flex Form” feature.

Design: Hands down, it is simply well thought out and intuitive to use. A company can completely manage it themselves without any need for support to intervene. The adoption rate is very fast thanks to the polished layout. The iPad application is second to none in terms of design, according to those who experience it first-hand, they say it’s the best.

Why this matters?
When something feels good to use, you want to use it. The issue with adoption in construction is that people are typically resistant to change because they already work so hard as it is. But if the new processes are faster, lighter, easier and feels like less work, the magic begins. This is the SiteMax factor, when things just work, it becomes the best construction software.


Companies that are already successful have a process in place, it may be slow, paper based and not centralized, but it is a process nonetheless. Processes are mostly centred around field input and office communication. Once clients understand that they can have a beautifully designed digital version of their process in their SiteMax environment, they are over the moon. There is no need to re-train because it is familiar. Flex Forms are available in two key areas: Safety and Site reports.


SiteMax is simply the best construction software options out there with the right blend of features. There are others who may have more here and there, but you are paying a pretty penny for them even if you don’t use them.

The SiteMax platform in and of itself is powerful in terms of company management, roles, codes, contacts, vendors, etc. But when you add the outstanding purpose built features, the experience is outstanding. Features include:

  • Digital Time Cards
  • Site Reports with Flex Form Technology
  • Daily Progress Photo Log
  • Safety Reports with Flex Form Technology
  • 24 Hour Weather Tracking & Logging
  • Punchlists with per/item chat thread and photos
  • File System with Dropbox Integration
  • Tool Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Task lists with % complete feedback
  • Client link for client progress dashboard
  • Apple TV app for the office
  • Geolocation field time checkin application with drive time on any device

This set of powerful features allows you to do all your site to office management leaving virtually no blind spots while at the office.

In closing, you should book a demo and get your 1 month free trial (credit card required), you will not be disappointed.

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